Warrior Challenge
Courtesy photo
Eskan Village Warrior Challenge - Test of physical strength, mental fortitude.

by Tech. Sgt. Marcia Regula
64th Air Expeditionary Group

3/14/2014 - SOUTHWEST ASIA -- Battle cries rang out as 11 four-member teams tested their physical strength and ability to work as a cohesive team. At the break of dawn on Feb. 19, 2014, each team was challenged with 10 strategically placed obstacles along the base's 5k route.

Obstacles included, in order: a 200-meter litter carry, 10 team pushups, 150-meter large tire flips, 30- meter rope pull with 100 pound sand bags, high knees obstacle, 15 barrier jumps, a200-meter over the shoulder fireman's carry, a 350-meter 50 pound sand bag run, 1.7k last man up sprints, and finally a 50-meter 35 pound overhead weighted lunges to the finish line.

Event coordinator Tech. Sgt. Jessica Covington, Dining Facility manager said, "We designed this course to be very challenging but not unreasonable. Competitors from all fitness levels had to dig deep all the way to the finish line."

Staff Sgt. Justin Sliter, Force Protection escort said, "Just when you thought the look of defeat at the barrier jumps couldn't be topped, you reach the final stretch of the race. The lunges were where the pain and desperation to finish was painted on the face of every competitor."

With multiple distinct missions, it wasn't easy to get all agencies to partake in these types of activities. However, each military branch and agency participated in the day's event. Captain Frank Zientek, C-12 Detachment Deputy Chief added, "There is no better way to instill teamwork and esprit de corps than going through a grueling physical challenge together. Events like this build camaraderie which is necessary for such a small community here at Eskan Village Air Base. Every team came together to compete and make each other better and stronger. Every competitor went home knowing more about themselves and their teammates than when they showed up."

Master Sgt. Tyler Carpenter, Eskan Village fire chief said, "The Warrior Challenge was one of the most demanding and rewarding events held over the past six months. All participants, both men and women, were physically and mentally exhausted. Every challenge was well designed and thought out. This event couldn't have run smoother!"

At just over 34 minutes, the first place finishing team from the fire department, Capt Matthew Berry, Master Sgt. Travis Mills, Senior Airman Adam Moriarity, and Airman 1st Class John Marshall, walked away as the 2014 Warrior Challenge champions.
With the help of 20 volunteers over a 4-hour period, the event progressed flawlessly.

"The turnout was better than expected with 11 teams competing. It was a lot of time and effort coordinating this event and awesome to watch it all come together as planned," said Tech Sgt. Covington.